Month: December 2017

New & Improved For You

new apex physical therapy

You may notice a few changes around your local Apex Physical Therapy provider location. It is a very exciting time for all four of our locally owned and operated locations. We have made some heavy improvements with our brand to better service your needs. At Apex we have always put our patient centered care and one-on-one treatment at the forefront of what we do. We felt it was important to update our look, feel and resources for our patients. Thank you for visiting our new website! We hope you enjoy it while you learn about who we are, our programs and services, and how physical therapy can change your life.

Apex: New Logo

We are the same great therapists who you’ve trusted with your care. We have simply updated our logo, our brand, our look. Apex is so proud of our roots and early beginnings. As we’ve grown and evolved as an organization, so has our clientele. You may wonder why change the logo and implement a new tagline? The answer is simple:  we wanted to reflect a body in motion and portray movement. Physical therapy practices and techniques encompass movement of the whole body. This new updated logo is a great visual representation of the patients we serve and the services we offer.

Apex:  New Tagline

Knowledge. Passion. Results. Those three words really encapsulate the core values of our treatment care philosophy.

At all our Apex locations, we strive to obtain the high-level knowledge for treatment of the whole body. Our goal, as your body experts, is to entrust us with your care.

We have passion for what we do and it shows with every patient. We think of our patients as family. We are passionate about ensuring your experience is a positive one when you walk through our doors. We will help you through the entire treatment process, from insurance authorization to evaluation and goal setting, to home exercise programs and home maintenance. We work closely as a part of your medical team to make sure you reach your goals and achieve pain free movement.

With every patient, our goal is to help you get the care results you’re hoping for. We are proud of every patient graduation and love being your “PT for life”. We understand it is not an easy choice choosing a physical therapist, and are honored you have chosen us.

Apex:  New Website

An effective website should be one that is simple, informative and easy to navigate. We are so thrilled to have spent the past few months creating a new resource portal with our patients in mind. Each page was carefully laid out with the patient experience in mind. We want you to feel comfortable exploring and learning about all of our programs and services.

Apex Physical Therapy has been around for over 21 years.

We are proud to be a locally owned partnership of locations. Thank you for supporting us for the past two plus decades. Your quality care is our number one priority. We know you have grown to trust us as your musculoskeletal experts. For that, we owe you a big THANK YOU! We are proud to be your experts of choice, your movement mechanics, and constant members of your healthcare team.


Are You Snow Sports Ready?

Now that winter is finally upon us (still crossing our fingers for snow), the mountains are packing on the powder and it’s time to hit the slopes! Poor physical fitness is the leading cause of injuries among snow sport athletes. Without proper core muscle strength and full body preparedness, we put our bodies in extreme danger for injury.

Skiing and snowboarding use many different muscles groups within your body. These muscles include your legs and core muscles. Our trained physical therapists specialize in building strength and educating on proper body mechanics with your normal activities. These can help you reach your goal of shredding it on the mountains.

The Need to Ski Safely

Exercise in advance. You will have much more fun on the slopes if you’re in good shape. Work your way up to skiing by exercising year-round on a regular basis.

Preseason training doesn’t stop with aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Many therapists will use weight training to get your strength up to speed prior to hitting the slopes. It is important to target major muscle groups in the upper body, the arms, chest, back, and shoulders when preparing yourself to go out for the first time of the season. Strength and fitness levels vary. It is also important to be sure you plan ahead when looking to implement a new exercise routine. It is very common for skiers’ legs to be stronger on the outside than on the inside, but it’s important to get the inside of the leg strong so the kneecap can be held centered.

Flexibility is also important. Stretching is the one aspect of preseason training that should be done every day. Your physical therapist can help you to gain flexibility, increase movement and improve strength.

Helpful Exercises

Exercises like wall sits, speed skaters, and leg lunges can help you to increase your snow sport readiness. Call any one of our four locations to schedule a meeting with one of our clinical specialists to help get you mountain ready.

Don’t forget, if you experience an injury after skiing or snowboarding, don’t wait to contact any one of our locations. We can offer relief for you and provide exercises to reduce your pain. Get out there and have fun!