Month: February 2020

Pelvic floor health and exciting new product!


In all the years I have worked as a physical therapist, specializing in pelvic floor conditions, I have not been this excited about a new product as I am now. Many of my past and current patients have heard me talking about ways to keep their pelvic tissue healthy, especially during and post-menopause. Females rely heavily on estrogen to keep our tissue healthy, including muscle tone and vaginal suppleness. This, in turn, allows our pelvic floor to maintain its ability for bladder and bowel function and reduce the risk of incontinence. I have also explained to all of my patients that pelvic floor exercises are important for any female over the age of 25 so that this tissue can remain healthy during and after pregnancy, pre, and post-menopause. However, exercises may not be the only thing females need. Several people may require estrogen supplements during and post-menopause, and often this supplement comes in the form of a vaginal suppository. This is because the collagen in the vaginal tissue can respond to estrogen and plumb up with this supplement.  

Now a new product is available to help with this very condition, and it does not require a physician’s prescription! Introducing the vFit Plus. This new product is FDA approved as a general wellness device and is designed for females to help improve intimate wellness and sexual function. It is non-hormonal and non-invasive and allows the collagen to respond similarly as with a hormonal supplement. vFit Plus is used in the privacy of your own home and a session only takes up to 12 minutes. It is intended to be used every other day for the initial 6 weeks, and maintenance is generally 1 to 2 times per week. I began using mine 4 weeks ago and was amazed at the difference I noticed within 3 sessions.  I cannot say enough about the ease of use and the physical response I’ve noticed.  

If this at all piques your interest, you may contact me at our Cheney office and I can meet with you to review your needs. If you are wanting to read more about this, please feel free to check out the website: