Author: Apex Physical Therapy

Are You Snow Sports Ready?

Now that winter is finally upon us (still crossing our fingers for snow), the mountains are packing on the powder and it’s time to hit the slopes! Poor physical fitness is the leading cause of injuries among snow sport athletes. Without proper core muscle strength and full body preparedness, we put our bodies in extreme danger for injury.

Skiing and snowboarding use many different muscles groups within your body. These muscles include your legs and core muscles. Our trained physical therapists specialize in building strength and educating on proper body mechanics with your normal activities. These can help you reach your goal of shredding it on the mountains.

The Need to Ski Safely

Exercise in advance. You will have much more fun on the slopes if you’re in good shape. Work your way up to skiing by exercising year-round on a regular basis.

Preseason training doesn’t stop with aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Many therapists will use weight training to get your strength up to speed prior to hitting the slopes. It is important to target major muscle groups in the upper body, the arms, chest, back, and shoulders when preparing yourself to go out for the first time of the season. Strength and fitness levels vary. It is also important to be sure you plan ahead when looking to implement a new exercise routine. It is very common for skiers’ legs to be stronger on the outside than on the inside, but it’s important to get the inside of the leg strong so the kneecap can be held centered.

Flexibility is also important. Stretching is the one aspect of preseason training that should be done every day. Your physical therapist can help you to gain flexibility, increase movement and improve strength.

Helpful Exercises

Exercises like wall sits, speed skaters, and leg lunges can help you to increase your snow sport readiness. Call any one of our four locations to schedule a meeting with one of our clinical specialists to help get you mountain ready.

Don’t forget, if you experience an injury after skiing or snowboarding, don’t wait to contact any one of our locations. We can offer relief for you and provide exercises to reduce your pain. Get out there and have fun!