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Basketball Wars: Spokane Hoopfest

By / June 26, 2018

Hoopfest: Spokane, WA. The best basketball weekend on earth. The event spans 45 city blocks, includes 450+ courts, 3,000+ volunteers, 6,000+ teams, and 225,000+ fans. Hoopfest holds a special place in the heart for many in Spokane and many outsiders. There are so many factors that go into the preparation for volunteers, athletes, fans, and the community. Apex Physical Therapy loves to give back to the community and doing so be a part of this amazing event. Most years, we have volunteers from Apex assist at the first aid booths. We also try to bring some awareness to the community about how to prepare for this mind-blowing event.

Injury prevention is a phrase we use to place emphasis on athletes preparing their bodies for the rigors of sport play. Although some injuries happen due to the nature of the sport on the streets, intense physical play, and unlucky circumstances injuries can be prevented! For those athletes that play basketball regularly throughout the year, they stay conditioned with sport specific play. It is recommended that participants in Hoopfest use the coming weeks to improve muscle memory, strength, agility, running, stretching, balance, jumping, and sport specific training towards basketball as injury prevention. In most instances, there is no better way to prepare the body for a weekend like Hoopfest than playing the game of basketball with the idea of simulating game play. Organizing multiple indoor or outdoor 2 on 2, or 3 on 3, pick-up games with similar rules to Hoopfest is an outstanding way to allow the body to develop similar movement patterns you will encounter at Hoopfest. Regardless, if you are a recreational or a competitive basketball player it is best to get comfortable moving side to side, jumping, and simulating basketball movements in your basketball shoes with moderate to high intensity.

Beneficial exercises like cardiovascular endurance, strengthening, mobility exercises, and balance training are all usual components of an athlete’s rehabilitation program to prepare for sporting events. The key to preparation is through dynamic warm ups, stretching, and active cool downs, as well as finding ways to consistently challenge yourself. Some ways of challenging yourself are to add resistance, time, repetitions, and frequency of exercising. The most important part is being consistent so the body has time to adapt to the stress you are applying to it. Hoopfest has outstanding volunteers during the event if you happen to encounter injuries prior, during, or after games. Please make sure you are seeking help from medical professionals at their designated stations before attempting to play through injury. Ankles, knees, wrists, and other joints can be assessed, taped, and prepared for play.

Athletes and competitors are recommended to not only physically prepare their bodies for injury prevention, but to control the importance of nutrition, hydration, and adequate sleep leading up to the big weekend. Again, the key with preparation in these areas is consistency. Apex supports community health and wellness, and we recommend practicing good habits year around. We also recommend spending the crucial month of June to prepare the body to its best ability. Above all remember to have fun, practice good sportsmanship, and enjoy a truly unique basketball experience in our wonderful city.