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Blood Flow Restriction Training

By / October 15, 2021

Now offered at Apex Physical Therapy. Are you ready to get better faster?

What is Blood Flow Restriction: Blood flow restriction is a brief intermittent occlusion of both venous and atrial blood flow that can be used while at rest or exercising. This technique allows the user to exercise using significantly less weight or intensity and still achieve significant gains in muscle size and strength.
What is it used for: Research has shown it to be very effective in increasing strength, reducing the rate of atrophy, creating hypertrophy, the rehabilitation and pre habilitation process, aiding recovery and pain, and finally improving cardiovascular function.
Who can benefit from this treatment: BFR can benefit almost anyone, is safe, and an effective way to cut down the time of recovery and return to your full capacity.”

Currently Blood Flow Restriction is being offered at our Cheney location and coming soon to Airway Heights.

For more information or to see if this would be appropriate for your rehabilitation contact: scottn@apexpt.com