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Industrial Rehabilitation

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Industrial Rehabilitation

What is industrial Rehabilitation?

Apex Physical Therapy is pleased to provide our local employers and employees a comprehensive Industrial Rehabilitation program focusing on Injury Prevention, Physical Rehabilitation, Work Conditioning, and Ergonomic Assessment.

Injury Prevention:

Pre-employment Assessments- Focusing on determining whether an individual is physically capable of performing a specific job to minimize the risk of injury.

Prevention Programs– Working closely with safety staff to identify where and to whom injuries may occur and provide educational programs to promote safe working conditions.

Physical Rehabilitation:

Complete physical therapy for patients who are injured at their place of employment. Apex Physical Therapy works directly with patients, employers, physicians, and other health care providers to provide the best possible patient care and assist in successful return to the workplace.

Work Conditioning:

A full body intensive conditioning program that focuses on work-simulation activities to assist in getting injured workers back to work. Our work conditioning program addresses issues of productivity, safety, and physical tolerance to perform job-specific tasks. At Apex we have the resources to provide comprehensive care five days a week to facilitate a patient’s return to work in a safe, yet timely, fashion.

Ergonomic Assessment:

The evaluation of the relationship between the workers and the work environment to lessen the risk of work related injuries. Focusing on evaluating a specific work environment and job tasks to identify risk factors that could result in injury. An office or floor assessment will evaluate the employee at their workstation, identify ergonomic risk factors, and assist in developing solutions.


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