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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic floor rehabilitation is a term that describes an approach to improving the strength and function of the muscles that support your bladder, urethra and other organs within the pelvis.

Apex Physical Therapy has pelvic floor experts at our Cheney and North Spokane locations specializing in private one-on-one Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation.

What is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD) is classified as a problem with the group of muscles called the levator ani which is a broad, thin muscle situated on either side of the pelvis. These muscles stretch from the pubic bone to the tail bone creating the “floor” of the pelvis. Having pelvic floor issues is a very common ailment that affects many men and women. Many times, individuals and referring physicians fail to recognize PFD or seek treatment for these conditions.

Apex Physical Therapy and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

We are practitioners of pelvic floor and women’s health physical therapy. We help women (and some men) who have problems with sexual intercourse, urination, fertility, pregnancy preparedness, postpartum recovery and cancer recovery. We deal with the treatments that many are too embarrassed to talk about and, because we’ve seen it all, rest assured our experts will help you experience relief from your current condition. You will leave your appointment with a better understanding of your current symptoms and condition, along with a detailed plan of care and home exercise program.

Are You a Candidate for Seeking Pelvic Floor Treatment?

  • Frequent urination or waking at night to urinate
  • Urgency to urinate or a sense you can’t make it to the bathroom in time
  • Urinary leaking
  • Pain with gynecological exams or intimacy
  • Pressure or bulging sensations in the vagina or a feeling that body tissue is falling out
  • Body pains during or after pregnancy
  • Painful scars from caesarian-section or episiotomy/tearing during childbirth
  • Abdominal weakness after childbirth/caesarian-section
  • Post-surgical patients

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