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Why Choose APEX Physical Therapy

Quality of Care

Apex Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing the most innovative and research based treatment protocols. It is our desire to deliver care that is EFFECTIVE and PROVEN. Our therapists are dedicated to advancing their skills through continuing education and specialization, which sets us apart from other providers.

Putting Patients First

When you schedule an appointment in one of our clinics, the staff begins a rigorous process of verifying your insurance benefits, working with your referring provider to obtain medical information and working behind the scenes to make your first visit easy and seamless.

Proven Results and Data

For many years, Apex Physical Therapy has been collecting patient satisfaction and functional outcome data shared with us from our patients. We are proud to report that our patient satisfaction data reveals that 98% of our patients are satisfied with their experience in our clinics. Our outcome data indicates that patients’ function and health improve and stay improved after treatment is completed.

Quality of care, putting patients first and proven results are the tenants of our clinics. We hope that you will choose Apex Physical Therapy to assist you in your care!

Understanding Pain and Your Body

Many patients come to physical therapy due to pain. Our body’s pain system is complex, regulated by our brain to signal us of a problem. Your physical therapist will discuss with you any pain you are having, to help determine the nature of your problem. We will then incorporate this information with any information provided by your physician, and our detailed biomechanical evaluation to discover the movement dysfunctions contributing to your specific problem. This process will help us determine which treatments will be most effective in treating your particular dysfunction. Throughout the entire course of your treatment, we will continue to assess progress and adjust treatments as appropriate.

Our objective is to under stand your goals and assist you in maximizing your activity levels while minimizing pain.

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