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Basketball Wars: Spokane Hoopfest

June 26, 2018

Hoopfest: Spokane, WA. The best basketball weekend on earth. The event spans 45 city blocks, includes 450+ courts, 3,000+ volunteers, 6,000+ teams, and 225,000+ fans. Hoopfest holds a special place in the heart for many in Spokane and many outsiders. There are so many factors that go into the preparation for volunteers, athletes, fans, and

How’s your running form treating you?

May 16, 2018

Poor running mechanics can lead to a domino effect of pain and injury which can sideline a runner. Here in the Inland Northwest we have many running clinics, groups, and scheduled runs/races in the near future and Apex Physical Therapy wants you to be in your tip-top running shape and decrease your risk of injury

The ankles of March madness.

March 27, 2018

It is that time of the year again, where basketball teams and athletes representing colleges from across the country compete against one another to try and make history. The madness of the tournament will keep your eyes glued to the T.V., while sitting at the edge of your seat, hoping that the teams you picked

Skiing Knee Injury Prevention

February 27, 2018

Skiing Knee Injury Prevention Our Inland Northwest weather has given us a little more ski play time this year, (just when we thought it was over) so Apex just wanted to give you skiers some information and tips about preventing skiing-related knee injuries (since it is Knee month and all at Apex Physical Therapy). Did

Benefits Of Physical Therapy: Physical Therapy Can…

January 31, 2018

At Apex Physical Therapy, all of our four locations are proud contributing members within our national professional organization, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). We understand the cornerstone of movement is essential to a healthy life and well being staying injury free. We proudly treat people of all ages and abilities with every ailment and

Injury Prevention Tips For Winter Running

It is often times difficult staying active during the winter months. We find ourselves staying indoors as the climate can be unpredictable. Despite the challenges we face to keep active, if you are an avid runner, getting back into running or looking to begin your first running program now is as good of time to

new apex physical therapy

New & Improved For You

December 6, 2017

You may notice a few changes around your local Apex Physical Therapy provider location. It is a very exciting time for all four of our locally owned and operated locations. We have made some heavy improvements with our brand to better service your needs. At Apex we have always put our patient centered care and

Are You Snow Sports Ready?

December 4, 2017

Now that winter is finally upon us (still crossing our fingers for snow), the mountains are packing on the powder and it’s time to hit the slopes! Poor physical fitness is the leading cause of injuries among snow sport athletes. Without proper core muscle strength and full body preparedness, we put our bodies in extreme