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June Covid-19 Updates

By / June 3, 2020

APEX PT remains OPEN and ready to serve youWe wanted to remind everyone that all 5 of our Apex locations are open and treating all current and new patients. We are offering both in person and telehealth appointments depending on what is best for you! 

 We first want thank all of our patients that have endured the unknown over these last couple of months and your unwavering flexibility with a changing world. We understand that this has been a trying time that we have all had to learn to be adaptable and understanding that we are all experiencing different levels of impact. As we embark on new phases and reduced restrictions, our number one goal is to continue to provide the best care to our past, current, and future patients.  

 As we transition back to full operations and our new “normal”, you may notice a few changes around the Apex clinics. We have implemented various policies and procedures to keep both our staff and patients safe. We continue to promise to serve our community to the best of our abilities as well as provide the safest possible environment. We will be following all guidelines set forth by the CDC, Washington DOH, and the American Physical Therapy Association/Physical Therapy Association of Washington. 

 So, what does this all mean? Here is just a few of the things that we are doing.  


  • Temperature Screens 
  • All persons that enter the building has their temperature taken prior to further interactions with any other person 
  • Request for any persons being sick or experiencing any COVID 19 related symptoms to cancel appointments or call in sick 
  • If having symptoms, we have particular guidelines for return to work or appointments pending the type of symptoms; as well as requirements for follow up with their PCP and testing as necessary 


Face Coverings 

  • All staff is required to wear a face covering and we are requesting patients to do the same due to not being able to maintain social distances during appointments   


  • We have changed our appointment schedule to spread our patients out and allowing a staggered start time for appointments to reduce patient interactions 
  • Allowed for more time between patients to provide proper cleaning and sanitizing in shared work spaces 
  • Offering in person as well as telehealth appointments pending needs and preference 

Waiting Rooms 

  • Limited time in waiting rooms, patients will be escorted to their treatment rooms quickly to reduce their exposure to other patients and staff 

Hand washing and Hand Sanitizers 

  • Employees are required to wash their hands before and after all patient interactions for the required minimum of 20 seconds 
  • We have various hand sanitizer stations available for all patrons to use throughout the clinics 


  • All surfaces that have been touched during a patient appointment are disinfected immediately following the conclusion of an appointment 
  • High touch surfaces are cleaned often throughout the day 

We are honored to continue serving our community however we are able.  We look forward to helping you return to the activities that you love and being able to reach your maximal potential.  

If you are in need of resuming or beginning physical therapy treatment please call any of our locations to help you figure out the best treatment options for yourself.  

 All our Best, 

Apex Physical Therapy