Author: Scott Nelson, PT, DPT, ATC

Sports Recovery by Apex Physical Therapy

Apex Physical Therapy has been a prominent outpatient physical therapy company in the area for more than 25 years, we are now expanding our services and offering Apex Sports Recovery! We are providing modalities and services to help ANY athlete reach and maintain an optimal level of performance.  This new service doesn’t not require insurance, medical prescription and is self-pay only. We welcome athletes of any age, level and discipline. Our highly trained staff can formulate and monitor a specialized program for your athlete’s needs. Schedule today to Train Harder. Recover Faster. Perform Better.

Athletes of all types and ages are in greater need of proper recovery strategies and recovery exposure. Falling short in recovery can almost guarantee falling short in performance. In order to compete and train at the highest levels for a prolonged amount of time there needs to be an “off season” of sorts for the body. This is becoming more apparent to health care professionals, coaches, parents and the athletes. With how much a young player is required to do to play at the high levels of competition year-round, it is not a question of if, but when they are injured. A recent study in the Journal of Athletic Training concluded that despite injury prevention training strategies, such as strength training, engaging in multiple sports, or following proper warm up/cool down routines, sheer volume and exposure to the sport (or sports) is the greatest predictor of injury prevalence.­ Allowing recovery offsets this exposure.

Our goal is to provide help with the recovery needed for this offsetting to athletes of all ages and types. 

We want to provide the opportunity and education for anyone to come and utilize our recovery equipment and modalities that can help the body feel better, stronger and more prepared for their continuous training and competitions. This can range from decreasing soreness and fatigue that comes from constant everyday use, to controlling inflammation and pain from an acute injury. We can and want to help athletes implement recovery strategies and manage their risk so that they can continue to perform at their best.      Scott Nelson, PT, DPT, ATC  Airway Heights

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What is TPI and how can it help me?


My name is Kameron Crosswhite, Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified provider here at Apex Physical Therapy in the greater Spokane, Washington area. This is the first of what hopes to be many articles related to golf and physical therapy. I am excited to begin this journey and hopefully spread some of my knowledge to golfers of all ages and skill levels. Well, here we go!

If you don’t know what TPI is or why it is important, you are not alone. Many golfers out there have picked up the game similarly to myself: self-taught over the years, picking up tips here and there to try and better ourselves at the “unwinnable game” that is golf. Maybe we aren’t the best, but dang it we have fun, right?….RIGHT?

Most people will tell you that there is no better way to improve your game than getting profession lessons; but let’s be honest, rarely do we listen to that wisdom. Instead, we go for the next greatest innovation in the form of equipment and gadgets. Don’t get me wrong, these are great! Everyone loves getting new toys like drivers, range finders or training aids. But are we getting to the root of the problem in our game or are we just covering up a “symptom”? (Pardon my Physical Therapy pun). That’s where I and other TPI providers come in.

The body is the first link in the chain when it comes to our overall golf game. If your body is not at its optimal self, your swing, and ultimately your score, will not be at its optimal level. With a TPI screen, you can more accurately identify what physical limitations may be holding you back. Whether that is tight hip flexors, weak glutes, or possibly a combination of things; these can all affect your connection to the club and your striking of the ball. If your hips are tight, limiting your ability to achieve the best position in your backswing, this can set off a chain reaction of compensations that your body has to contend with in order to get back into position to strike the ball. For some people, they compensate so well that they are still able to hit pure shots, but maybe at the detriment to increased risk of injury.

All of these factors can be addressed by a TPI Screen/Evaluation. Your provider will take you through a comprehensive assessment in order to identify faults in the key factors of the golf swing including flexibility and strength in certain muscle groups as well as stability of joint position. Here’s the good news: these things can all be addressed with specific exercises!  Each player has a unique body, which means their swing and exercise prescription must be unique as well. With a TPI Screen/Evaluation we can get you set up with the most specific-to-you exercises for your unique impairments to optimize your swing and get you playing your best. This has been proven in recent years with 25 of the top 30 players in the world being advised by a TPI certified expert.

At the end of the day, we all want to play better golf. If I can help you achieve that with “assessing, not guessing”, please reach out so we can get you playing at your true potential!

Talk soon,

Kameron Crosswhite, PT, DPT

Proposed Medicare Payment Cuts

Friends we need your help!
With impending Medicare cuts on the horizon, we need your help to stop the cuts. We have provided some easy steps for you to take action.
Beginning in January 2022, payment for services under Medicare Part B provided by physical therapist assistants will be reduced by 15%. These cuts are a threat to physical therapist assistants and may leave many older patients with less access to physical therapy care. You may not be able to see your favorite PTA.
Also on the chopping block is reimbursement for all physical therapy services provided to Medicare patients. CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) chose to include a round of Medicare cuts for therapy services in the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule . Proposed cuts will include a 3.5 percent cut in 2022, eventually reaching 9% by 2024.
The only way to stop this rule from taking effect is through Congressional Action.
Advocate now for the future of therapy services by contacting your members of congress.
Link to APTA Patient Action Center: (an easy form letter to send to your local members of congress)
Premade Letters: Print, sign and mail

Blood Flow Restriction Training

Now offered at Apex Physical Therapy. Are you ready to get better faster?

What is Blood Flow Restriction: Blood flow restriction is a brief intermittent occlusion of both venous and atrial blood flow that can be used while at rest or exercising. This technique allows the user to exercise using significantly less weight or intensity and still achieve significant gains in muscle size and strength.
What is it used for: Research has shown it to be very effective in increasing strength, reducing the rate of atrophy, creating hypertrophy, the rehabilitation and pre habilitation process, aiding recovery and pain, and finally improving cardiovascular function.
Who can benefit from this treatment: BFR can benefit almost anyone, is safe, and an effective way to cut down the time of recovery and return to your full capacity.”

Currently Blood Flow Restriction is being offered at our Cheney location and coming soon to Airway Heights.

For more information or to see if this would be appropriate for your rehabilitation contact:

August Covid-19 Mask Changes

The Delta variant of Covid-19 has certainly caused an uptick in cases, including in Spokane County. The vaccine has protected many from the virus; however, it is not guaranteed that there will not be breakthrough infections.

Apex highly encourages all of our staff and patients to wear masks regardless of vaccination status.

July 2021 Covid-19 Mask Changes

Re-opening Washington

Effective June 30th, per CDC Guidelines Apex will no longer be requiring masks for persons Fully Vaccinated entering our clinics. If you still feel more comfortable with your therapist wearing a mask, please feel free to let us know.

Did someone say Girl Scout Cookies?

This year Apex Physical Therapy has teamed up to help Melody (Troop 2013) meet her Girl Scout Cookie selling goals. Melody has made ordering through Apex PT an easy process and you can have the cookies delivered right to your nearest Apex. Once they are delivered we will let you know for easy no contact pick-up.

To place your order: 

Click below

Melody Troop 2013 Girl Scout Cookies

Available February 23rd – April 10th 2021

When placing an order, you should choose the “Girl Delivery” option, and then when asked for the address, there is a “c/o company” option where you can put the Apex location you prefer.

If you want it sent outside the area, then you can choose “shipping”, there is just a fee as well as a 4 box minimum for shipped boxes.

For more information, questions or help ordering please contact Melody’s mom at 801-518-3173




Delays of elective surgeries have many people waiting, again.

Many Washington hospitals are now adjusting elective surgery plans as cases of COVID-19 continue to rise. Are you or a family member being affected by the delays? If so, Apex PT can help! We can provide pre-operative rehabilitation to help during the delay.

What is Pre-Operative Rehabilitation:

Pre-operative rehabilitation has been known to provide a number of benefits for surgical patients. When you are as strong, flexible, and healthy as possible, you are able to regain normal function much quicker, following surgery. Pre-operative rehabilitation consists of working with closely with an Apex physical therapist to provide treatments such as range of motion, strength training, soft tissue work and education to best prepare you for when you are able to have your surgery. In some cases, surgery may be avoided.

Benefits of Pre-Operative Rehabilitation:

  1. Reduces Pain
  2. Reduces Complications
  3. Shortens Recovery
  4. Increases Stamina
  5. Improves Outcomes
  6. Reduce Anxiety
  7. Possibility of Avoiding Surgery

If your Pre-Operative Rehabilitation treatments work well in improving your pain and overall condition, it may be possible to avoid surgery altogether. While it is not always a common case, some patients found that their pre-operative rehabilitation treatments did wonders, and were sufficient enough in reducing their pain that they canceled their procedure. If your condition begins to improve considerably after starting physical therapy, you’ll want to consult with your physician regarding future treatment options and the possibility of avoiding surgery.

November Covid-19 Updates

APEX PT remains OPEN and ready to serve youWe wanted to remind everyone that all 5 of our Apex locations are open and treating all current and new patients. We are offering in person appointments but are able to offer Telehealth if this is a safer option for you. 

We first want to thank all of our patients we have endured the unknown over these last couple of months and your unwavering flexibility with a changing world. We understand that this has been a trying time that we have all had to learn to be adaptable and understanding that we are all experiencing different levels of impact. As we embark on new phases and reduced restrictions, our number one goal is to continue to provide the best care to our past, current, and future patients.  

 We have implemented various policies and procedures to keep both our staff and patients safe. We promise to serve our community to the best of our abilities as well as provide the safest possible environment. We will be following all guidelines set forth by the CDC, Washington Department of Health, and the American Physical Therapy Association/Physical Therapy Association of Washington. 

 So, what does this all mean? Here is just a few of the things that we are doing.  


  • Covid-19 Questionnaire 
  • All persons that enter the building have their temperature taken prior to further interactions with any other person 
  • Request for any persons being sick or experiencing any COVID 19 related symptoms to cancel appointments
  • If having symptoms, we have particular guidelines for return to appointments pending the type of symptoms; as well as requirements for follow up with their PCP and testing as necessary 


Face Coverings 

  • It is required that all persons entering our clinics wear face masks, at all times. If you are unable to do so, telehealth may be an option.  


  • We have changed our appointment schedule to spread our patients out and allowing a staggered start time for appointments to reduce patient interactions 
  • We have allowed for more time between patients to provide proper cleaning and sanitizing in shared work spaces 
  • We are offering in person as well as telehealth appointments pending needs and preference 

Waiting Rooms 

  • Limited time in waiting rooms, patients will be escorted to their treatment rooms quickly to reduce their exposure to other patients and staff 

Hand washing and Hand Sanitizers 

  • Employees are required to wash their hands before and after all patient interactions for the required minimum of 20 seconds 
  • We have various hand sanitizer stations available for all patrons to use throughout the clinics 


  • All surfaces that have been touched during a patient appointment are disinfected immediately following the conclusion of an appointment 
  • High touch surfaces are cleaned often throughout the day 

We are honored to continue serving our community however we are able.  We look forward to helping you return to the activities you love and being able to reach your maximal potential.  

If you are in need of  beginning physical therapy treatment,  please call any of our locations to help you figure out the best treatment options for yourself.  

 All our Best, 

Apex Physical Therapy 

Covid-19 Questionnaire November

Please be ready at each appointment to answer these four questions.

♦ Have you experienced any fever, shortness of breath, cough, or any other symptoms in the last 72 hours?

♦ Have you recently been exposed to any person that has tested positive for COVID-19?

♦ Have you traveled outside of Washington State in the last 14 days?

♦ Have you been to a social gathering with 6 or more people outside your household where physical distancing of at least 6 feet was not maintained?

If you are feeling ill or have been recently exposed to Covid-19 please contact us and we will happily work with you to reschedule your appointment.