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Proposed Medicare Payment Cuts

By / November 18, 2021
Friends we need your help!
With impending Medicare cuts on the horizon, we need your help to stop the cuts. We have provided some easy steps for you to take action.
Beginning in January 2022, payment for services under Medicare Part B provided by physical therapist assistants will be reduced by 15%. These cuts are a threat to physical therapist assistants and may leave many older patients with less access to physical therapy care. You may not be able to see your favorite PTA.
Also on the chopping block is reimbursement for all physical therapy services provided to Medicare patients. CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) chose to include a round of Medicare cuts for therapy services in the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule . Proposed cuts will include a 3.5 percent cut in 2022, eventually reaching 9% by 2024.
The only way to stop this rule from taking effect is through Congressional Action.
Advocate now for the future of therapy services by contacting your members of congress.
Link to APTA Patient Action Center: https://www.apta.org/advocacy/take-action/patient-action-center (an easy form letter to send to your local members of congress)
Premade Letters: Print, sign and mail